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Siemens Asynchronous Squirrel Cage HV Motors (IEC)

Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Motors (IEC)The perfect motor for every application

SIMOTICS high voltage asynchronous IEC motors are the perfect solution for applications which call for high efficiency, maximum reliability, compact construction and running smoothness. They are available for mains and converter operation in power ratings from 150 kW up to 38 MW, voltage from 2 up to 13.8 kV, 2-16 poles, speeds up to 15,900 rpm, all usual cooling types, degree of protection up to IP66, in all usual types of explosion protection, also double protection. Suitable also for demanding environments, they fulfill all of the international certifications and sector-specific requirements.

Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Motors (IEC)

Below are four categories of high voltage asynchronous squirrel cage motors (IEC) to help filter out and focus your search for the right motor to match your project and application specifications based on key features like shaft heights, protection, power or cooling type.


Compact Motors

SIMOTICS HV compact motors from 150 kW to 7 MW with high voltage asynchronous technology feature a focus on compactness and cooling concepts for low installation heights and extreme protection requirements.

  •  Compact Motors

Modular Motors

SIMOTICS HV modular motors feature a wide range of high voltage asynchronous motors up to 19 MW with diverse cooling top frame options. They are also available in both standard and various explosion protection types.

  •  Modular Motors

High Power Motors

SIMOTICS HV high power motors follow the range of the modular series to even higher power ratings, in asynchronous technology up to 38 MW. Available in standard, non-sparking and pressurized protection classes.

  •  High Power Motors

Specialized Motors

SIMOTICS HV Specialized Motors cover a wide range of high speed or application-specific motor designs. Ranging from 1 up to 30 MW with speeds up to 15,900 rpm and various different construction and cooling designs based on the applications specific requirements.

  •  Specialized Motors

Siemens HV Asynchronous Slip Ring Motors

As a result of their modular design, the 1R.5 slip ring rotor motors (US: wound-rotor motors) can be produced with various cooling systems. This means that the motors can be flexibly adapted to the customers's application. The enclosed slip ring compartment – located inside the NDE bearings – provides a high degree of protection for the complete motor, i. e. for the motor and slip ring compartment.

Your Benefits
  • Low envelope dimensions

  • Low space requirement

  • Low weight

  • Can be integrated into every plant and system configuration

  • High demands of safety at work legislation are fulfilled

  • Service and installation friendly

Technical data overview Brief overview

Shaft heights:

400, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710, 800, 900, 1000 mm

Power range:

0.3 – 8 MW

Rated voltages:

3.3 – 13.8 kV

Degree of protection:


Cooling type:

IC 611, IC 616

Type of construction:

IM B3 (IM 1001); IM V1 (IM 3011)


Roller bearings (up to SH 710), sleeve bearings (from SH 800)



Siemens LV Textile application Motors

Textile application Motors

The 1PT0 special textile application motors are offered from 30kW -55kW in 4Pole. These highly energy efficient motors are made exclusively for textile ring frames with IC417 cooling. These motors are suitable for 415 V , 50Hz and an Ambient of 50°C


  1. For long and short ring frames

  2. Low units/kg power consumption

  3. High uptime

  4. Low maintenance costs

  5. High reliability

  6. Circular rib design ensures no clogged cooling surfaces

Siemens offers IE motors for Ginning mill application in textile industry

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