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Siemens LV Motors

Siemens Champion IE Series LV Motors

Siemens Champion IE Series LV Motors

The top of the page Converter Duty motors for Constant Torque applications:



Efficiency ClassesIE 2IE 3
Champion IE Motor Series1SE01LA2
Frame Size71 to 35571 to 255355
Power Range0.37 kW to 315 kW0.37 kW to 45 kW250 kW to 315 kW
Type of Construction (For other possible constructions contact nearest sales office )Frames up to 132: IMB3, IMB5, IMVI, IMB35, IMB14, IMB34
Frames160- 315M: IMB3, IMB5, IMVI, IMB35Frames160- 225M: IMB3, IMB5, IMVI, IMB35
Frames 315L-355L: IMB3,IMVI,IMB35Frames 355L: IMB3,IMVI,IMB35
Number of Poles2,4,6
Motor MaterialFrame: Cast Iron ( with mounting feet integral to the housing- for construction with feet )
Terminal Box: Generously dimensioned, Rotatable through 360 deg in steps of 90 deg, on Top as a standard
Fan Cowl: Sheet Steel; Fan: Thermoplastic (Cast Iron for 2P in Frames 250 and above)
MarkingRatings covered under IS: 12615-2011 will be marked with the appropriate efficiency class
Degree of ProtectionIP 55 as per IS: 4691
Voltages415 V Standard. For other voltages requirement, please contact the nearest sales office
Frequency50 Hz (New IS:12615 does not cover any other frequency. Motors can be offered for 60 Hz but without IE marking.
Cooling TypeIC411 as per IS: 6362 ( Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
Ambient Conditions50 deg C, Altitude <=1000 m
Temperature ClassClass F, most of them utilized to Class B
Bearing System63 Series for frames 160 and above. Identical bearings at DE and NDE help reduce inventory
Lubrication SystemRegreasable bearings for frames 160 onwards

Siemens LV Brake Motors

Siemens LV Brake Motors

Siemens offers brake motors ranging from 63 frames to 225 frames with an output range from 0.12kW to 45kW Siemens Brake Motors employ internationally used and proven Spring Operated Disk Brake designs which work on a principle similar to the concept of “Dead Man’s Pedal” Braking ensuring enhanced safety.


Siemens LV Dual Speed Motors

Siemens LV Dual Speed Motors

The 1LA0 Dual Speed motors are offered in 4/2 Pole & 8/4 Pole in various kW combinations. These squirrel cage Induction motors confirming to IS/IEC: 60034-1:2004 are offered in Cast Iron housing with IP 55 protection and with IC411 cooling. These motors are suitable for 415 V, 50Hz and an Ambient of 40°C.

Siemens LV Textile Application Motors

Siemens LV Textile Application Motors

The 1PT0 special textile application motors are offered from 30kW -55kW in 4Pole. These high energy efficient motors are made exclusively for textile ring frames with IC417 cooling. These motors are suitable for 415 V, 50Hz and an Ambient of 50 DegreeC


Siemens LVN Compact Motors

Siemens LVN Compact Motors

Higher output from the same frame size: this is the concept of the N Compact motors. These state-of-the-art motors have outputs as much as 60% higher than the normal conventional motors for the same frame size. Compactness and high efficiency are the special features of the N-Compact series motors.

The N-Compact series motors are offered from 250kW – 1750kW in 2, 4, 6 & 8 Pole for frames ranging from 315 – 560. The N-Compact series of motors up to 630kW are suitable for 415V supply. Ratings beyond 710kW are suitable for 690V supply.

The N compact range motors are offered in 1LA8 - self-cooled IC411 and also in 1PQ8 - separately cooled IC416 versions suitable for converter duty applications for VFD Applications. The N compact series are offered for Altitude < 1000m, with Class F insulation, Ambient of 40°C. These motors are provided with dual coat copper wires which have superior electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

The reference standards for ratings <375kW is IS:12615:2011 and for ratings >375 kW is IS/IEC:60034-1:2004:



Shaft height250 to 315
Power range30 kW to 200 kW
No. of poles2/4/6/8
Motor MaterialFrame: Cast Iron
Terminal box: Cast Iron
Fan cover: Sheet steel
Efficiency classesIE3 - Premium Efficiency
StandardsConforming to IS 12615 : 2011 / IEC 60034-1
Degree of protectionIP 55
Voltages380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 500V, 600V, 660V, 690V
Frequency50 Hz (60 Hz against enquiry)
Type of constructionIMB3, IMV1 and IMB35 (other constructions upon enquiry)
Cooling methodIC411 - Totally enclosed fan cooled [TEFC] Standard / IC416 against enquiry
Temperature class155°C (F) utilized to 130°C (B)
Insulation systemVFD suitable insulation scheme for voltages up to 500V as a standard
Standard series conceptDiagonally split terminal box (ease of termination of cables), Terminal box can be rotated through 360°
in steps of 90°. Identical bearings at DE and NDE standard
Increased cantilever force bearings at DE as an option
Insulated bearings at NDE as an option for frames 280 and 315
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