Servo Drives & Motors

Servo Drives & Motors

Relying on the prudent vendors, we bring forth an assortment of Servo Drives & Motors. These help operating the machine with higher precision and faster. Known for its optimum performanceand longer functional life, the whole range of motors offered by us is widely applauded among the clientele we hold. These motors also offer a simple and quick servo adjustment.


  • 1Superlative Performance
  • Operate your machinery faster and with higher precision than ever!
  • The Σ-V delivers the highest performance in the industry

The best amplifier response in the industry slashes settling time:

  • In-house comparison: 1/12th
  • Peak torque has been boosted from 300% to 350%, contributing to shorter tact times
  • Standard use of high-resolution encoder has enabled high-precision and fine processing
  • Feature 2 Simple Start-up
  • Making servo adjustment quick and simple.
  • Let the Σ-V series simplify your life!

Easy tuning for each use:

  • New Tuning-less Function Settling time: 100 to 150 ms level No tuning required
  • New "One-parameter" Tuning Settling time: 0 to 4 ms level Tuning time: 1/10 faster
  • New Advanced Autotuning Settling time: 10 ms level
    Tuning time: 1/15 faster

Extensive variety of motors to match any machine

  • Medium-inertia servomotors Improved control stability
  • Low-inertia servomotors High-speed acceleration and deceleration

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: V-Series

Servo Drive

We are involved in offering Servo Drive that is faster than the conventional drives. Known for their easy installation, it is also widely regarded for its durability. Easy to maintain, the whole range of the servo drives offered by us is highly demanded in the market. This offered servo drive reduces operation time in the field and the production lines as well.



After unpacking and wiring the motor, just set the PULSE switch and it's ready to go.

  • No troublesome parameter settings with new parameter-less function.
  • Setup time is greatly reduced. 7.5 times faster than the conventional servopack. Shortened setup time like that for stepping motors greatly reduces operation time in production lines and in the field.



Just plug and play:

  •     No gain adjustments with tuning-less function.
  •     Fine tuning with the FIL switch can correct overshooting.
  •     Adjustment time is greatly reduced. 20 times faster than the conventional SERVOPACK.
  •    As easy to use as a stepping motor even for first-time users.


Easy maintenance:

  • No maintenance is needed. Quick reaction to load changes with a constant automatic adjustment function.
  • Easy to replace Replacement is easy with no adjustments and no specific tools required. (Substitute provided if a failure should occur.)

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: JUNMA-Series

Yaskawa Servo Drive

We are involved in the supplying of Yaskawa Servo Drive that is highly regarded for its easy maintenance among our clients. Offering an automatic motor identification function, it is easy to connect for quick network support. The entire range of the yaskawa servo drives offered by us is widely acknowledged for improved torque control system and high speed among our revered patrons.


  • Output: 22 to 75 kW and at
  • Rated speeds of: 1500/800 min-1.
  • Moment of Inertia : 75 to 50%
  • Mass : 60 to 80%


  • High-precision, high-efficiency Servopack
  • Our d-q conversion current control scheme improves torque control precision (repeatability) from ±5% to ±2%. Highspeed CPU processing and expanded control algorithms deliver extremely fast response to minimize tact time.


Simple implementation:

  • The automatic motor identification function sets motor parameters for you, simplifying setup, and the following modules can be instantly connected to the servopack for quick network support (excluding 75 kW models).


Easy maintenance:

  • Just connect to a PC for simple parameter definition/change/ backup, trace functions and other tools to make motor adjustment simpler than ever. If an alarm is generated, only the main circuit power supply is cut. The monitor function makes it possible to diagnose faults and identify causes quickly for minimum downtime.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Large-Capacity-Sigma
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