Bharat Bijlee AC Motors

Bharat Bijlee Crane & Hoist Duty Motors

  • Frame: 71 to 355
  • Power (kW):0.37 to 400
  • Polarity: 4,6,8

Bharat Bijlee IE2 Flame Proof Motors

  • Frame size: 80 to 315
  • Power: 0.37 to 200 KW
  • Polarity: 2,4,6

Bharat Bijlee IE3 Flame Proof Motors

  • Frame: 80 to 315
  • Power (kW): 0.75 to 180
  • Polarity:2,4,6

Bharat Bijlee Increased Safety Motors


  • Frame: 63 to 355
  • Power(kW):0.12 to 400
  • Polarity:2,4,6,8

Bharat Bijlee LV IE3 Safe Area Motors

Product Details:
  • Brand: Bharat Bijlee
  • Rated Power: <10 KW, 10-100 KW, 101-200 KW, 201-300 KW, >300 KW
  • Speed: 500-1000 RPM, 1001-1500 RPM, 1501-2000 RPM, >2000 RPM
  • Mounting Type: Foot Mount, Flange Mount, Foot cum Flange Mount

We are one among the suppliers of a vast range of Safe Area Motors, which is highly acclaimed among the customers we have. Offering better torque ripple suppression, these motors are widely praised in the market. Durable in their characteristics, these offered motors possess high demands. Further, the whole range of area safe motors, offered by us offers a hassle free performance.


  • BBL motors can be continuously overloaded by 10% or can be used up to ambient temperature of 55°C. Temperature rise will be as per Class F limits
  • All motors are with degree of protection IP55
  • 2Z Bearings are standard up to 180L frame which are filled with high temperature grease suitable up to 140°C
  • On line re greasing provided from frame 225 onwards
  • SKF or equivalent make bearings are used and directly procured from the bearing manufacturers
  • Terminal Box location can be changed from RHS to LHS at site
  • Rotors are dynamically balanced with half key
  • All foot mounted motors are with integral cast feet
  • Outer bearing covers are integral with end shield / flange
  • V Rings are used in IP55 motors and no reduction in efficiencies as compared to IP44 motors
  • Additional anti tracking protective coating of air drying varnish is applied on the winding overhangs
  • Cooling fans are of aerodynamic design resulting in low noise and are bi-directional
  • Standard Motors are suitable for mounting with any shaft orientation


  • Temperature: 55oc
  • Rotation angle: 90o

Technical Specifications:
IS 325Three phase Induction motors-specification
IS:900Code of practice for installation and maintenance of induction motors
IS 1231Dimension of three-phase foot mounted A.C. Induction motors
IS 2223Dimensions of flange mounted A.C. induction motors
IS:4029Guide for testing three phase induction motors
IS:4691Degree of protection provided by Enclosures for Rotating Electrical Machinery
IS:6362Designation of methods of cooling for rotating electrical machines
IS 12065Permissible limits of noise level for rotating electrical machines
IS 12075Mechanical vibration of rotating electrical machines
IS 12615Energy Efficient Induction motors - Three phase, squirrel cage
IEC 60045-1, 5Rotating electrical machines - Rating and performance, degrees of protection
IEC 60072Dimension and output ratings of rotating electrical machines

Bharat Bijlee LV SynchroVERT IE4 Safe Area Motors

Our new SynchroVERT™ range of IE4 motors combines high efficiency with a host of technologically superior features.

Super Premium IE4 class of efficiency as per IS:12615-2011 and IEC 60034-30-1Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (LSPMSM) technology.


Operates without a VFD.Remarkablyshort payback periods.

Bharat Bijlee has always been a front-runner in providing energy efficient motors and automation solutions that help our customers reduce the life-cycle energy costs of their motor-driven systems.

To complement our portfolio of IE2 and IE3 motors, we now introduce - for the first time in India - our new range of SynchroVERT™ motors that conforms to the Super Premium IE4 class of efficiency. With a remarkably short payback period, they offer significant savings over IE2 and IE3 motors along with a host of technologically superior features.

Energy Efficient Motors conform to the following standards defined by IEC 60034-30- 1-2014:
  • Efficiency Class IE1: Standard efficiency
  • Efficiency Class IE2: High efficiency
  • Efficiency Class IE3: Premium efficiency
  • Efficiency Class IE4: Super Premium efficiency

Bharat Bijlee's SynchroVERT™ is a range of Super Premium IE4 class Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (LSPMSM)*. These motors do not need a VFD for operation, unlike most PMSMs, and can easily replace existing squirrel cage induction motors. They offer significant savings over IE2 motors.

Advantages of SynchroVERT™

Key benefits of our IE4 LSPMS motor include:

  • Online starting
  • Can operate without a VFD
  • Lossless excitation
  • High efficiency
  • High power factor at all loads
  • No rotor losses
  • Runs at synchronous speed
  • Suitable for applications with constant torque below synchronous speed and constant HP above synchronous speed
  • Multiple motors run at exactly the same speed without VFDs: this eliminates speed encoders for feedback control
  • Starting currents are lower than in IE2 motors; starting torque values are similar to IE2 motors

As these are synchronous motors, the rated speed is synchronous i.e. 1500 RPM. With this motor, a pump or fan will run at about 3% higher speed and it will give much higher discharge/air delivery. Hence if the pump or fan is already fully loading the motor, it cannot be used unless the impellor is redesigned or it is used along with a VFD drive.

In other applications, the higher speed results in more output of the product, eg, spinning frames, textile machines, etc.

Product Range
TypeFrame SizeType Frame Size kW
IE4 Super Premium Efficiency - 4H112M to 180L2.2 to 22

Bharat Bijlee Medium Voltage Motors

Medium Voltage Motors
  • Voltage - 690 V to 6.6 kV
  • Cooling - Type IC 411 / IC 416
  • Construction - Horizontal ( IM B3) / Vertical (V1)
  • Frame Sizes - MV 315L, MV 355L, MV 400ML & MV 450ML
  • kW Range - 160 - 1000 (4 Pole), 160 - 750 (6 Pole), 160 - 560 (8 Pole)
  • Frequency - 50 & 60 Hz
  • Protection - IP 55/ IP 56
  • Starting - DOL / VFD
  • Standard - IS/IEC

Standard features:
  • Compact TEFC motors for high efficiency in cast iron/ fabricated mild steel construction
  • Dual cooling circuit for even temperature distribution
  • Bearing cooling fan on DE for lower bearing temperature & longer regreasing intervals
  • Class F Insulation with Class B rise
  • Ambient 40 0C & Altitude < 1000M
  • Epoxy Mica based vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI) insulation system for long life
  • Rotor with Pressure Die cast type Aluminium winding for Ruggedness
  • Phase segregated type main terminal box to prevent & withstand high fault levels
  • Platinum type RTD s - 6 Nos for windings
  • Bearing temperature detectors - 2 No Platinum RTDS. One each at DE and & ODE
  • Non condensation heater
  • Suitable for direct drive thr'o flexible couplings without external thrust
ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL FEATURES (Available on request at extra charge)
  • Neutral Terminal Box for Star point
  • Dial type Thermometers for bearings with/without contacts
  • Suitability for higher Ambient temperature or Altitude
  • Suitability for Pulley / gear Drive/ External thrust
  • B3/B5 mounting
  • Low Vibration and Noise Level
  • Copper Bar Construction Rotor
  • Insulated Bearing on NDE Side

Bharat Bijlee Slip Ring Motors

  • Frame : 100 to 160
  • Power(kW):1.10 to 10
  • Polarity:4,6

Bharat Bijlee IE2 Non - Sparking Motors Ex(nA)


  • Frame: 63 to 400
  • Power(kW):0.12 to 560
  • Polarity: 2,4,6,8

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Ex-n

Bharat Bijlee LV IE2 Safe Area Motors

Product Details:
  • Type of Motor: AC
  • Brand: Bharat Bijlee
  • Power: <10 KW, 10-100 KW, 101-200 KW, 201-300 KW
  • Speed: <2000 RPM, 2000-6000 RPM


  • Frame size: 71 to 355 L
  • KW: 0.37 to 355
  • Readily suitable for inverter duty application
  • All motors with dual coat winding wires
  • Special impregnation to suit inverter duty
  • 6 terminals in terminal box for all motors

Bharat Bijlee Brake Motors


  • Frame: 71 to 132
    Power (kW):0.25 to 9.3
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